Ehime Hotel, Matsuyama Tokyu Rei Hotel, near Lawson convenience store

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Matsuyama Tokyu REI Hotel
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- 2015-03-11

Newly operated as Matsuya...

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Matsuyama is the largest city on Shikoku and the capital of Ehime Prefecture. At the heart of the city stands Matsuyamajo, a beautiful, original castle. The castle's hilltop vantage point offers a view of the city and a glimpse of the Seto Inland Sea.

The city is also famed for being the setting of Natsume Soseki's popular novel, entitled "Botchan". Often read as part of the Japanese school curriculum, the novel describes Matsuyama during the turbulent Meiji Restoration. Natsume's novel helped make the city renowned throughout Japan.

Dogo Onsen is frequently mentioned in "Botchan" and is one of Matsuyama's main tourist attractions. Referring to both a district northeast of the city center and a specific bath house, Dogo Onsen is one of Japan's oldest hot spring resorts.

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Matsuyama Tokyu REI Hotel

3-3-1, Ichiban-cho, Matsuyama-shi,
Ehime 790-0001
Tel: +81 89941 0109
Fax: +81 89934 3725

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